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Pricing and market access launch tools

Remap Consulting is your pricing and market access launch partner to help you achieve patient access.

  • Value Communication

    We develop global value dossiers (GVDs) that clearly and concisely communicate key scientific, economic and commercial messages to HTA agencies and payers at a national, regional and local level.

  • Price and reimbursement dossier development

    We prepare, file and co-ordinate country-specific pricing and reimbursement submissions to achieve timely reimbursement.

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Value Communication – global value dossier development

The aim of a successful global value dossier is to clearly and concisely communicate key scientific, economic and commercial messages to enable company employees to effectively communicate the product’s value and evidence base to HTA agencies and payers at a national, regional and local level. It is the critical payer communication tool that enables your organization to effectively communicate your product’s value to payers.

We understand that companies have different objectives for their value dossier. To ensure the value dossier addresses your needs our the first step is aligning on the value dossier’s objective and structure, e.g. will it be a comprehensive document incorporating all the evidence required for country specific HTA dossiers or will it provide the evidence supporting the core value story thereby enabling adaptation at a local level for HTA submissions. Typically, our value dossiers use the product’s value story as the basis for structuring the evidence in an easily digestible format.

A GVD is a comprehensive document used to communicate a products value to national payers and other key stakeholders

It includes available evidence on the global burden of the relevant illness, as well as clinical, economical and humanistic value of the new treatment

Price and reimbursement dossier development

Remap Consulting can support you in the development of country specific pricing and reimbursement / HTA submissions required to gain a reimbursable price and patient access.

Given the significant resource requirements and local pricing and reimbursement expertise required for a successful HTA / pricing and reimbursement submission many companies seek additional support. Working with our local pricing and reimbursement experts we support our clients in the development and submission of pricing and reimbursement / HTA dossiers to ensure that the product’s value is captured within the submission and that all relevant information required for local submissions is incorporated and effectively communicated within the dossiers. To date, Remap Consulting has been involved in over 50 pricing and reimbursement submissions across 25 countries, providing real world insights that can help ensure a successful product launch.


I really appreciated Remap Consulting’s approach to developing GVD’s, they took time at the beginning to understand our company needs which really helped secure internal buy-in for the GVD. It is clear that they understood the evidence and as such, were able to effectively communicate the product’s value in a very concise way.

Senior Vice President, Value and Access

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