Pharmaceutical Product Launch Strategy

Identifying payer value and value message testing

Understanding and communicating the payer value of your product is critical for successful pricing and reimbursement negotiations. We support our clients in interpreting and communicating complex clinical and economic data in an effective way that resonates with payers.

We are uniquely positioned to help you identify the payer value drivers and understand the evidence requirements for payers and health technology assessment bodies. Utilizing our broad network of payers and local country experts, across all major markets including the EU, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and the USA allows us to:

  • Test the payer value of your product to determine its core value drivers and payer evidence needs

  • Conduct payer value message testing to develop a robust and validated payer value proposition,

  • Assess whether your evidence base is sufficient to support your product’s value proposition

  • Moderate stakeholder advisory boards to determine the potential value and supporting evidence base of your product

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Pricing and reimbursement launch strategies

Successfully developing and executing an optimal pricing and reimbursement launch strategy is a critical step to maximize the commercial potential of your product. The right launch strategy will leverage your product’s value to facilitate timely patient access in the broadest possible patient population at a price that reflects value to both payers and your company. Additionally, effective communication of your product’s value, and supporting evidence, to both internal company stakeholders and external stakeholders responsible for determining your product’s value, and associated price, is a critical component of the launch strategy.

We support our clients in developing their pricing and market access launch strategy, from the development of your payer value communication strategy through to submission of local HTA or pricing and reimbursement dossiers to achieve timely reimbursement. Our expertise in global product launches and involvement in over 50 pricing and reimbursement submissions across 25 countries, provides real world insights that can help ensure a successful product launch.

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Pharmaceutical launch sequence

Understanding the impact international reference pricing can have on your product launch revenues is a critical component in determining your product’s global launch sequence. We can develop your country launch strategy to maximize global revenue, as well as identify the critical countries that would have the greatest detrimental impact on global revenues if launched in the wrong sequence.


You guys are awesome. Your expertise and responsiveness are second to none. Without your support we could never have achieved an EU launch

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Excellent Work, the project ran very smoothly and we appreciated your efficient approach and delivery of the final recommendations.

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