Medical devices and technologies

Remap Consulting helps MedTech companies understand the evidence required to make a convincing case to payers for medical devices, diagnostics and medical technologies. We can help you:

  • Understand the clinical and economic evidence gaps in your medical technologies’ development plans

  • Determine the price, funding and access pathway for your medical device

  • Utilize the NICE META tool to provide the payer perspective of your products clinical and economic data

  • Develop a value proposition that resonates with payers

  • Determine the appropriate patient population for your medical technology

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NICE MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool

Remap Consulting is approved by NICE as a MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool facilitator. We can help you identify evidence gaps that may delay patient access and prioritise investment in your product’s access strategy.

The META tool is developed by NICE to help MedTech manufacturers understand the clinical and economic evidence requirements needed for payers to fund medical devices.

The tool provides a framework to identify evidence gaps in your product development plans and the potential next steps to bring a product to market.

The ultimate goal of the META tool is to reduce the costs and risks associated with developing a medical technology.

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Benefits of using the META tool

Combining our real-world expertise of MedTech launches with the META tool will:

  • Identify the evidence that payers, HTA bodies and investors need in order to understand the value your technology offers to patients and healthcare systems

  • Determine any gaps in your current or future evidence base

  • Prioritize investment in your product’s development strategy

  • Develop value messages that will communicate your technology’s value during health technology assessment and payer negotiations

The META tool assesses the impact of differences between regulatory and payer frameworks in determining a product’s value. This often highlights that payers require additional evidence to support patient access beyond that needed to secure a CE mark.

It can be used at any stage of your product development. From early stage value proposition identification through to sense checking whether you have all the evidence you need to demonstrate the value of your product to NICE or another HTA or payer body.

You can go through the META process as many times as you need, either with the same product or different products.

The META tool is designed to support the developers of medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health interventions (DHI) or apps.

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