The Orkambi blame game

Article courtesy of Andrew McConaghie PMLive

The deadlock between pharmaceutical company Vertex and NHS England over the cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi was played out in a parliamentary hearing in London on 7th March, when the company’s CEO Jeff Leiden and NHS England and NICE leaders were grilled by MPs.

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UK pharma negotiating choppy seas during Brexit

Article courtesy of Richard Staines Pharmaphorum

In an interview with Pharmaphorum, Erik Nordkamp, the outgoing president of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), tells pharmaphorum how UK pharma is plotting its way through the chaos of Brexit, while creating a vision for the future of the country’s life sciences industry sector with its new pricing deal for branded drugs.

The ABPI is working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NICE to evolve the market access environment to improve access to new medicines for UK patients.

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Kymriah, a tale of two indications – how Health Technology Assessments have assessed CAR-Ts?

Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel) has been hailed as a breakthrough therapy for the treatment of two indications: B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in children and adults <25 and for the treatment of adult patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). However, this breakthrough therapy also comes with a hefty EU price in the region of €320,000. How have EU Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies determined whether this price represents value for money for each of the indications?


NICE was the first EU HTA body to provide their assessment of Kymriah for ALL, publishing their positive opinion 10 days after the EMA approval, representing one of the fastest funding approvals in the 70-year history of the NHS. Novartis struck a deal with NHS England to offer Kymriah at a confidential discount to the list price of £282,000, this enabled NICE to consider it to be cost-effective, despite limitations over the long-term […]

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Paul Craddy is looking forward to attending the NICE Meta tool training course tomorrow.

Paul Craddy is looking forward to attending the NICE Meta tool training course tomorrow.

NICE has recently developed a META (MedTech Early Technical Assessment) tool, to support MedTech manufacturers in the identification of potential evidence gaps, that can hinder a NICE assessment. The outputs of the META tool will help you be able to develop an understanding of the evidence needed to demonstrate your product’s value to the NHS and identify evidence gaps that may delay patient access for your product. Find out more information as to how Remap Consulting can help your organisation here

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Remap Consulting team supporting the East Cheshire Hospice

Remap Consulting are extremely proud to have supported the East Cheshire Hospice by wrapping over 400 collection tins with their new branding.

East Cheshire Hospice provide compassionate palliative care to local adults facing life-limiting illnesses and offer support to their families and relies on the kind generosity of the local community to help raise the £7,500 needed a day.

As a member of the 500 Club, Remap Consulting is part of a network of forward thinking, community engaged and socially responsible companies who donate or raise at least £500 per year, to support the East Cheshire Hospice. Corporate Fundraising is an essential part of helping raise their daily running costs, please help us achieve our target by donating via our just giving page

Supporting the East Cheshire Hospice

Our regular commitment will enable the Hospice to plan services and secure the future of […]

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Remap team members proud to be supporting the East Cheshire Hospice

Remap Consulting team proud to be supporting East Cheshire Hospice raise much needs funds today by wrapping branded collection tins and buckets

If you would like to help them raise funds for this extremely worthy cause, please click here

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Canadian government to make prescription drugs more affordable

National pharmacare to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable

Canadians pay too much for prescription drugs – and that means far too many go without the medicine they need. With Budget 2019, the Government of Canada is taking important first steps on implementing national pharmacare, to make prescription drugs more accessible and affordable to more Canadians.

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today visited Halifax, Nova Scotia to highlight the Government of Canada’s plan to move forward with important measures that will lay the foundation for national pharmacare.

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This document is also available at

SOURCE Prime Minister’s Office

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National body to ensure CCG decisions for patient access to treatments are consistent

There needs to be a national body to examine CCG decisions ensuring that patient access to treatments is consistent across the country according to a report published this week by the Medical Technology Group (MTG) which members consist of patient groups, charities and medical device manufacturers.

Following a series of FOI requests to CCGs, MTG said a number of CCGs are currently restricting access to procedures such as cataract surgery, hernia repair, hip and knee replacements, and glucose monitoring.

As many as 104 of the 195 CCGs in England list cataract surgery among the procedure deemed to have ‘limited clinical value’, MTG found, despite NICE guidance in 2017 concluding that the procedure is cost-effective, as it has a ‘high success rate improving visual function, with low morbidity and mortality’.

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Paul Craddy is presenting at Manchester Metropolitan University tomorrow

Paul Craddy will be presenting to Manchester Metropolitan University students tomorrow on the opportunities and challenges of gaining commercial access for precision medicines.

Paul presenting at Manchester Metropolitan University

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Remap team members to run Manchester 10k for East Cheshire Hospice

Some members of the Remap Consulting team will be running the Manchester 10k on the 19th May and are raising money for the East Cheshire Hospice. If you would like to help them raise funds for this extremely worthy cause, please click here

Manchester 10k

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