We’re off to Switzerland!

The Remap Consulting team are delighted to be whisked over to Switzerland for a two-day team building workshop including a cruise around Lake Lucerne and exploring Basel!

Picture of Switzerland

Interested in joining our team so you can take part in future events?

Contact us for more information on the roles we have available

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Northwest Biotech Initiative 2019 Consulting Case Competition

Graham Foxon and Fatima Chunara are attending the Northwest Biotech Initiative 2019 Consulting Case Competition final tomorrow at Manchester University. Graham has been mentoring students over the past two weeks and they’re both looking forward to seeing who will win the £1000 prize.

Northwest Biotech Consulting Case Comp Pic

Come along to watch the teams present their pitches to a panel of judges – click on the link to register.

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The HTAi annual conference was well attended

Graham Foxon had a very informative 3 days at the HTAi annual meeting in Cologne, attending seminars on HTA and its dimensions, HTA beyond 2020 and Regulators vs Payers, among many other presentations.


Contact us to understand the concept of how HTA may be used to determine the price, reimbursement and/or access of a new pharmaceutical product, and find out how we can help you with your HTA submissions.

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Remap Consulting receives award at LTEN excellence awards in Dallas

It was great to receive our LTEN Excellence Finalist Award in Dallas on Monday in partnership with Amgen for training we delivered earlier this year. Contact us () to find out how we can help you with your market access training needs.

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Industry partner finalists for our bespoke pricing and market access training programme

Fingers crossed for Remap Consulting at the @LTEN launch excellence awards who have been nominated as finalists within the Providers of Industry Partnership category for the creation of a bespoke pricing and market access training programme in 12 countries in partnership with #Amgen


The LTEN Excellence Awards is an annual competition that celebrates the people, companies and industry partners demonstrating ahead-of-the-curve thinking in training and development initiatives, learning technology, content development, and delivery, and leadership within the life sciences.

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Graham attending the market access and pricing and reimbursement meeting at EUCOPE

Graham Foxon will be attending the market access and pricing and reimbursement meeting at EUCOPE today.

If you are attending, please feel free to reach out to Graham who will be happy to discuss any pricing and market access challenges that you may be facing.

EUCOPE meeting

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Paul attending the LTEN excellence awards in Dallas

Remap Consulting received a nomination within the Providers Industry Partnership category for our creation of bespoke pricing and market access training programme in partnership with Amgen and have been selected as finalists at the LTEN excellence awards.

Please join us in wishing Remap Consulting the best of luck!

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What are precision medicines and are payers allowing market access?

What is the future of precision medicine in the EU?

The field of precision medicine is a complex area with many overlapping definitions and terminologies. Precision medicine is an umbrella term for the treatment and prevention of disease using a combination of drug and diagnostic, considering individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle. Manufacturers have found market access to be a significant challenge as countries adapt their existing pricing and reimbursement processes to account for the dual assessment of the drug and accompanying diagnostic. This article will explore the various definitions surrounding precision medicine, and the specific market access considerations for this growing area of research.

Why are payers interested in precision medicine?

Medicine that is truly unique to the patient, allowing for the best possible efficacy with minimal side effects, is often seen as the future of healthcare. The mainstream use of ‘personalised medicine’, where medical treatment is tailored to the individual […]

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