Fundamentals of Real World Evidence for Optimising Market Access

Join us on the 21st November at the Courtyard Marriott Brussels Hotel for an informative workshop on ‘Fundamentals of real-world evidence for optimising market access’.

Click on the picture below for further information and to register.

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Remap Consulting welcomes Edward Rigby to the team!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Edward Rigby as an Analyst at Remap Consulting.

Prior to joining us, Edward was an intern consultant at IP Pragmatics, where he gained experience of market research and patent landscape analysis, while assisting in the commercialisation of new technologies within biosciences. Edward has experience of working within a number of research areas, including genetics, medical devices and plant sciences.

Edward has a BSc in Genetics from the University of Liverpool.

Outside of work, Edward enjoys playing badminton, cycling and fencing.

We are sure Edward is going to settle in really well with us!

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What are the pricing and market access launch challenges facing companies today? The results of our survey are in!

Over the last 3 months, we have been conducting a survey to understand pricing and market access launch drivers and challenges for a successful PMA launch, and the areas that can be improved for future launches. We are delighted to say that we have received fabulous feedback, with responses from at least 15 industry executives across global pharma companies.

Key findings include:

  • Internal company barriers (e.g. budget/personnel) are rarely considered a significant challenge by pricing and market access teams.
  • Pricing and market access teams now form a core part of the Commercial launch team and are considered a ‘strategic partner’ in 31% of cases.
  • Most recent pricing and market access launches faced evidence challenges during payer negotiations, such as endpoint and comparator selection, and patient subpopulation data.
  • Pricing and market access teams must be involved earlier in the clinical development process to ensure that the necessary clinical and economic evidence is […]
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Gene therapies and Managed entry agreements. How willing have payers been to cover high cost therapies such as Zolgensma and Zynteglo?

On the surface, this year has seen the launch of the two most expensive therapies ever. Zolgensma launched in May 2019 in the US for $2.1 million and is a gene therapy to treat spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), whilst Zynteglo (another gene therapy) for beta thalassemia which was launched in the EU in June 2019 at $1.8 million. Both these prices are significantly above the previous high price benchmark of $850,000 for Luxturna (another gene therapy). What are payers’ thoughts on these new treatments and how successful have they been at gaining reimbursement? 

There are a couple of considerations for each of these therapies. Firstly, these diseases are chronic, secondly, these treatments are effectively one-off administration processes. The treatment does not need to be re-administered each year, so there is no annual cost and the benefits should extend 

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Charlie Hewitt is speaking today at the Biocity Expert Networking Event

Charlie is discussing the importance of obtaining payer scientific advice for achieving pricing and reimbursement success across the EU at BioCity Nottingham.

If you would like help on Pharmaceutical Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access, and are attending this event, please ask Charlie directly or alternatively, contact us for more information.

picture of Charlie Hewitt

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Charlie Hewitt is speaking at BioCity Nottingham on Monday 2nd September

Charlie will be talking about Pricing and Market Access within the Pharmaceutical Industry and the importance of obtaining payer scientific advice for achieving pricing and reimbursement success across the EU.

The event is being held at BioCity, Pennyfoot Street, Nottingham.

picture of Charlie Hewitt

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Our 2nd abstract to be accepted at ISPOR Copenhagen 2019

“Are patient access schemes and commercial access agreements essential for NICE to recommend access? A  comparison of oncology and non-oncology appraisals”

Discuss it in person with us at ISPOR Copenhagen | 4-6 Nov

Contact us to arrange a suitable time:

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