Price optimization and strategy

Remap Consulting helps you develop and implement the pharmaceutical pricing and market access strategy for your product. We can help you:

  • Obtain payer and stakeholder insights into the perceived value of your product

  • Identify the optimal price for your product

  • Determine the global pricing strategy

  • Understand payer evidence requirements to support your value-based pricing and reimbursement strategy

  • Conduct commercial assessments for business development assets

  • Implement pricing tactics to optimize post-launch pricing at a list and net price level

Having the right pharma pricing strategy is essential for your product to optimize revenues. We use a variety of pricing techniques and approaches to recommend the optimum value-based pricing for your product.

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Payer Insights

Payer insights are critical to understanding the value of your product. Utilizing our extensive network of payers and country experts, we can undertake payer research to provide the insights needed to develop your pharma pricing and market access strategy.
We can undertake pharmaceutical pricing research, value message testing, payer advisory boards, mock payer negotiation to determine the payer value of your product and provide insights and recommendations for your pharma pricing strategy.

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Commercial assessments

We help you understand the value of an asset during the in-licensing and out-licensing process. We can evaluate the potential commercial value of an asset through identification of the patient flow and determining the price and reimbursement potential, providing insights on how to improve the asset’s value through the identification of clinical and economic evidence that will resonate with stakeholders.

Our ‘Pricing and Market Access Rapid Review’ process is tailored to provide the top-line insights required to feed into your due diligence process.

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Price tactics

We have a range of tools that can help you determine the pricing dynamics of your products to optimize their list and net price.

I really enjoyed working with Remap Consulting and received powerful advice. A small company like ours needs to receive a flexible approach in order start with market access activities, and I am very happy to see you are as flexible as possible with us.  

Market Access Specialist

It was excellent work, very thorough. This was an essential input into our decision making process for this opportunity. 

Head of Market Access

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