Real world evidence training

Real world evidence (RWE) is increasingly playing an important role in developing product value propositions, aiding early regulatory approval and gaining price and market access approval.

Real world evidence is developed through the analysis and interpretation of real world data, which can be obtained through sources such as patient registries, electronic medical records and insurance databases.

Real world evidence can be used pre- or post-launch to aid manufacturer, regulator, payer and physician decision making, for instance through:

  • Demonstrating efficacy and safety in a real-world setting
  • Demonstrating effectiveness of risk minimization measures
  • Reducing uncertainty on burden of disease, unmet need and size of target patient population
  • Reducing uncertainty around potential economic impact of a technology

Inclusion of real world evidence within a products value proposition can aid stakeholder decision-making and contribute to successful and early market access.

Our real world evidence training explores the fundamental principles of real world evidence for market access. This includes defining the differences between real world evidence and real world data and understanding the benefits, limitations and current trends of using real world evidence.

You will gain an understanding into why payers, physicians and pharma need real world evidence and how to communicate real world evidence to each stakeholder. We will consider challenges in undertaking real world evidence analysis in practice and provide you with insight into how to incorporate real world evidence into your commercial decisions.

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